Help fund AI-BOTS PTY. LTD.

AI-BOTS PTY. LTD. is run entirely on the generous funding from users and sponsors. Funding is used for:

  • prize money;
  • paying graphic designers and developers for things like graphics, logos, map generators, game engines, match viewers (local/online), servers, etc.;
  • paying staff for any other required duties;
  • hiring servers;
  • bounties for identifying security vulnerabilities.

If you have any questions feel free to email

Your funding will help to:

  • facilitate internationally competitive artificial intelligence programming contests;
  • facilitate competitive artificial intelligence programming at other levels;
  • facilitate research for artificial intelligence programming, ranking algorithms, map generation, etc.;
  • facilitate a fun/productive way to improve one's programming skills, which can be useful for employment;
  • provide numerous realistic pathways for beginners to reach the intermediate levels required to start competing.

Major Sponsors