Welcome to Tron

An AI-BOTS PTY. LTD. artificial intelligence game

Introducing tron

Welcome to the home page for tron, where players try to make their opponents crash before them. With slightly more details, users code a bot in a programming language of their choice, which they then connect to one of our servers to verse against other people's bots. Each user has an ELO rating which is updated at the end of each game based on how well their bot performed. The leaderboard ranks users based on their ELO ratings.

We are funded entirely by donations from sponsors and users. For more information see the sponsors and funding pages. See the menu at the top of the page for links to the leaderboard, match log, game specification, registration details, starter bots, and archived versions of the site from previous quarters.


  • 09-2019: Tron has launched, beta period will run until the end of Q3 2019, with prize money to be involved for Q4 2019.

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